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The Allison Brigade is back and ready to go!

We can always use more hands on deck, and it is fun! There are many ways to be involved and to make a difference.

From handing out our material at our farmers’ markets and going door to door with our material, to hosting a meet & greet event, we can always use more help.

To join the Allison Brigade, to host a meet & greet, or to request a yard sign, a window sign, a bumper sticker, or all of the above, please contact Alan Chodos at: and he can help plug you in right away.

Thank you so much to the best team ever!

To reach Allison, please email her @

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A fun way to see how it all began, here is a short clip. At the monthly meeting of the Alexandria Democratic Committee in early March 2012, Allison Silberberg first announced her intention to run for City Council.

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