Allison Silberberg
Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia (2016-2018)


   Watch Allison’s 2012 Kickoff Video!

To watch the 2012 campaign kickoff video, simply click here, or click on the photo.

Here are three short clips with Allison’s remarks:

  1. -Allison Silberberg’s Sense of Mission

  2. -Allison Silberberg’s Core Vision

  3. -Allison Silberberg’s Jobs Initiative


Heartfelt thanks to the award-winning Double R Productions for their friendship, talent in creating this beautiful video, and remarkable generosity. Thanks to our Double R team: Rosemary Reed, Catherine Baum, Paul Jamali, and Asia Taylor.

Photographs from the event can be seen below.

Special thanks to three of the best photographers in the region: Lloyd Wolf, Pamela Zilly, and Peter Vogt. Thank you for your friendship and generous donation.

Big thanks to Los Tios for their incredible generosity,

donating the space, delicious food, and refreshments.

Huge thanks to the kickoff’s fantastic co-chairs, Laura

Mandala and Eileen Cassidy Rivera; the best

treasurer, Dipti Pidikiti-Smith; and all the volunteers and everyone who made the kickoff a memorable success.

Read the story in Patch: “State Senators Back Silberberg in Council Race



Allison Silberberg is endorsed by (left to right) State Senators Adam Ebbin, Richard Saslaw,

and Patsy Ticer, who is also the former mayor of Alexandria. (Photograph by Lloyd Wolf)

(Many thanks to Lloyd Wolf, Pamela Zilly, and Peter Vogt for their brilliant photography.)

State Senator Adam Ebbin gave an inspiring introduction for Allison at the kickoff. Adam and Allison have been close friends since they met in a political science course the first week of college at American University. (Photograph by Lloyd Wolf)

Allison is also endorsed by Former City Councilwoman Joyce Woodson, seen here on the left. In the middle is Laura Mandala, who co-chaired the kickoff. Many thanks to Los Tios for its generous donation of the room, food and refreshments. (Photograph by Lloyd Wolf)

As the  kickoff was about to begin, the Honorable Patsy Ticer enjoyed a hilarious moment with Paul Friedman, Allison Silberberg, and journalist/author Deborah Kalb.

(Photograph by Lloyd Wolf)

Former School Board Member Eileen Cassidy Rivera and Senator Patsy Ticer, both of whom endorsed Allison, caught up with each other. (Photograph by Lloyd Wolf)

Allison received best wishes from Chyrell Bucksell. (Photograph by Lloyd Wolf)

Allison received good wishes and support from numerous friends and neighbors from historic Parkfairfax, where Allison has lived the past 20 years. Longtime Parkfairfax friend and neighbor, Brigid Davis, came despite a hurt arm. (Photograph by Lloyd Wolf)

Standing with Allison: (left to right) Chyrell Bucksell of ARHA; Margo Heard, who serves with Allison on Alexandria’s Economic Opportunities Commission; and Pat Chapla, a longtime friend and neighbor in Parkfairfax. (Photograph by Lloyd Wolf)

With Kevin Mondloch of New Hope Housing. (Photograph by Lloyd Wolf)

Three outstanding team members: In the center, Dipti Pidikiti-Smith, the campaign treasurer and member of Alexandria’s Economic Opportunities Commission; her husband, Amos Smith; and Jackie Rodriguez. (Photograph by Lloyd Wolf)

First meeting: Allison with the daughter of Nader Tamadon, a member of Alexandria’s

Economic Opportunities Commission, which Allison chairs. (Photograph by Pamela Zilly)

(Photograph by Pamela Zilly)

A light moment with Senator Dick Saslaw. (Photograph by Pamela Zilly)

Allison with Tom and Lucille Lewis. Allison profiled Tom and his Fishing School in her book, “Visionaries In Our Midst.” (Photograph by Peter Vogt)

Allison with supporters Mike Miller and Paul Friedman. (Photograph by Peter Vogt)

All of the campaign’s graphics design work has been created and generously donated by

Nina Bridges Graphics Design. (Photograph by Peter Vogt)

(Photograph by Lloyd Wolf)

Allison Silberberg’s Platform in 2012

Fought for a compromise for the waterfront plan and would have liked the City Council to make it a “people’s” waterfront, and will continue to push for a small, permanent band shell in Oronoco Bay Park for cultural events and gatherings to build community.

Proponent of public-private partnerships and philanthropy to reach out to civic-minded citizens who believe in this national treasure called Alexandria.

As the Chair of Alexandria’s Economic Opportunities Commission (EOC) from 2010 to 2012 and as an EOC member since 2004, Allison is a proven, passionate advocate for affordable housing and job creation and has worked on a wide range of legislative priorities on behalf of the most vulnerable.

Demand smart/creative development around mass transit.

Staunch commitment to economic sustainability, fiscal responsibility and Alexandria’s AAA bond rating.

As a former educator, strong supporter of early education, small classrooms, tutoring and apprenticeship programs for city’s youth.

Having taught in Anacostia and as the author of a top-selling book about individuals making a difference through innovative social programs, Allison is committed to ESL and GED programs, which lead to jobs and self-sufficiency.

Envisions a city-wide beautification jobs initiative program by coordinating with The Corps Network, which is similar to President Roosevelt’s CCC program.

Determined to leverage relationships with national historic preservation entities to further Alexandria’s historic character and to preserve open space. Insistent that city leadership not try to be like National Harbor and its future gambling destination. Regarding the future of Old Town, Allison wrote a column that ran in the Metro section of The Washington Post in December 2011.


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Remembering the 2012 Campaign!

At her campaign kickoff for City Council at Los Tios in Del Ray in March 2012, Allison Silberberg received endorsements from (left to right): Former School Board Member Eileen Cassidy Rivera, Former City Councilwoman Joyce Woodson, State Senator Adam Ebbin, Former State Senator/Former Mayor Patsy Ticer, State Senator Richard Saslaw. Read the article in Patch. (Photo by Drew Hansen of Patch) Check out Allison’s 2012 Campaign Kickoff.

     Endorsements in the 2012 Campaign

EMILY’s List

The Honorable Patsy Ticer

State Senator Richard Saslaw

State Senator Adam Ebbin

Delegate Charniele Herring

Former Vice Mayor Mel Bergheim

Former City Councilwoman Joyce Woodson

Former School Board Member Eileen Cassidy Rivera

Former City Manager Vola Lawson

The Alexandria Times

Alexandria Committee of Police, Local 5

Alexandria Political Action Committee for Education

Alexandrians for a Livable City

Alexandrians for Sensible Growth

Northern Virginia Labor Federation, AFL-CIO

Virginia Partisans

Vote for Free Ethiopia US

Blue Virginia

Not Larry Sabato


EMILY’s List is proud to endorse and support your candidacy knowing that once elected you will serve your constituents with energy and integrity.”

                                                        - EMILY’s List

                                    “A Voice of Reason”

                                                        - The Honorable Patsy Ticer

“She has all the makings of a fabulous elected official. She’s got a terrific resume. She’s been active in this community. She’s extraordinarily bright and personable.”

                                                        - State Senator Richard Saslaw

“Allison is an independent thinker who listens carefully and then gets things done. She will be a terrific addition

to City Council.”

                                   - State Senator Adam Ebbin