Allison Silberberg
Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia (2016-2018)

Campaign Videos for 2015

Allison’s Campaign Kickoff for Mayor for Fall 2015!

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Allison’s Campaign Kickoff for Mayor

for Spring 2015!

To watch the video, please click on the image or click here.

Huge thanks to the award-winning Double R Productions for their friendship, talent in creating this beautiful video, and remarkable generosity. Thanks to the team: Rosemary Reed, Paul Jamali, Catherine Baum, Maxine Mendelovici, Hyoji Sun, Jessica Bouyer, and Delvakio Brown.




Allison Silberberg’s Platform for Mayor

You can count on Allison to:

Protect our neighborhoods.

Continue to preserve the Historic District – our jewel in the crown that

we inherited and must safeguard for generations to come.

Fight for thoughtful, appropriate development that fits in, is to scale, and preserves our quality of life.

Rebuild the people’s trust.

Require more openness and transparency at City Hall. Hold fewer executive sessions.

Grow our city’s commercial tax base in a balanced way and diversify our

economy so we are not as tied to the ups and downs of the federal government.

Stay focused on our city’s debt and structural imbalance between our revenues and expenditures. Staunch commitment to economic sustainability,

fiscal responsibility, and Alexandria’s AAA bond rating.

Support nonprofit developers who want to invest in our city’s affordable, workforce housing.

Fight for our libraries, seniors, the arts, and Open Space Fund.

Restore the set aside for the Open Space Fund.

Ensure that every citizen in our bountiful community has a fair and equal opportunity to share in all the amenities.

Proactively recruit entities and entrepreneurs to locate in Alexandria, as we did with the National Science Foundation. Innovation and science are key to our city’s future.

Require developers to adhere to their funding commitments for the new Potomac Yard Metro Stop.

Demand smart/creative development around mass transit.

Advocate for a pro-business approach with policies to keep and attract the creative class, which includes knowledge-based workers such as high tech

leaders, innovators, scientists, and health care professionals.

Push for excellence in our schools. As a former educator, strong supporter of early education, smaller class size, tutoring, and apprenticeship programs for our city’s youth.

Pursue public-private partnerships and philanthropy to reach out to

civic-minded citizens who believe in this national treasure called Alexandria.


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Remembering the 2015 Campaign!

Words of Support

                       Congressman Don Beyer has endorsed Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg for Mayor.

    “As a lifelong Democrat and as an Alexandrian, I am pleased to support Allison’s candidacy for mayor. Allison is a person of integrity with a vision for the future of our great city. I am confident that she will be ever present in our community, and will do her best to help Alexandria stay balanced and prosperous.”

                                                           - Congressman Don Beyer


    “I have known Allison Silberberg for over 30 years, and her values are progressive, Democratic values. Her mayoralty will reflect Alexandria’s values.”

                                                           - State Senator Adam Ebbin

    “A Voice of Reason.”

                    - Former Mayor/Former State Senator Patsy Ticer

    “I fully endorse Allison to be our next Mayor. She is ready, willing, and able to lead our great city.”

                                                           - Sheriff Dana Lawhorne   

    “In June, Alexandrians showed their unhappiness with business as usual, when 12-year incumbent Mayor Bill Euille lost the Democratic primary. Fully 65 percent of primary participants voted against granting Euille a fifth term. Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg, widely viewed as a change agent, emerged victorious from the three-way contest that also included former Mayor Kerry Donley by 312 votes...In the mayoral race, we believe that Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg, by virtue of her hard fought and honestly won victory in the Democratic primary, has earned the right to serve as Alexandria’s mayor for the next three years.

                                                            - The Alexandria Times

"As Mayor, Allison Silberberg will preserve Alexandria's unique historical legacy, distinctive neighborhoods, and our beautiful riverfront, parks and open space, so that we never become just another suburb. While Allison supports thoughtful development, she is not beholden to the developers. She is dedicated to transparent government and improving the quality of life for all Alexandrians. On November 3rd, I will proudly cast my vote for Alexandria's Democratic nominee for Mayor Allison Silberberg and all six Democrats running for City Council. I urge my fellow Alexandrians to do the same."

  1. -Mark Levine, Democratic nominee for Virginia House of Delegates, 45th District (primarily representing Alexandria)

    “Allison is a visionary and an accomplished leader in Alexandria, and I support her because I know she’ll always put interests of the city first. I’ve seen the way Allison gives back to her city and community -- she is always fighting to improve the lives of those around her and she’ll bring that tenacity and integrity to Alexandria as mayor. I am proud that she is our Democratic nominee.”

        - Susan Swecker, Chairwoman, Democratic Party of Virginia

    “The Executive Board and members of the Alexandria Firefighters Inc, IAFF Local 2141 are proud to announce our endorsement of Allison Silberberg for Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia. In a poll of our membership Vice Mayor Silberberg garnered an overwhelming 70% of the vote.

    “Our members feel she has a strong grasp of the issues facing the City of Alexandria, a strong vision to move the City forward and truly cares about the well being of the firefighters, medics, fire marshals and other public safety personnel that work to keep the citizens of Alexandria safe day in and day out. We also feel that she is an honest candidate, with integrity and a strong desire to improve the City of Alexandria for the Residents, visitors and those who work to keep the City safe, as well as a desirable place to live, visit and work.

    “For these reasons we hope you'll join us in our support of Democratic Nominee for Mayor of Alexandria Allison Silberberg, on election day November 3rd.”

                        - Alexandria Firefighters Inc, IAFF Local 2141



Congressman Don Beyer

The Alexandria Times

State Senator Adam Ebbin

Former Mayor/Former State Senator Patsy Ticer

Sheriff Dana Lawhorne

Mark Levine, Democratic Nominee for

Virginia House of Delegates, 45th District

        Susan Swecker, Chairwoman, Democratic Party of Virginia

Former School Board Member Eileen Cassidy Rivera

The Alexandria Committee of Police, Local 5

Alexandria Fire Fighters Inc, IAFF Local 2141

The Alexandria Political Action Committee for Education


NOVA Labor Federation

LGBT Democrats of Virginia

The Alexandria Democratic Committee

Democrats for a Better Alexandria